Matt Hayter

Matt is an accomplished Podiatrist who graduated with honours from QUT. He is proficient in all areas of Podiatry. If it occurs in the feet, Matt has seen it and treated it. He has a special interest in complex biomechanical problems and the treatment of persistent ingrown toenails. Matt has been teaching at the QUT Podiatry Clinic for the past 12 years. He has taught paediatrics (children’s feet), orthotic manufacture, surgical procedures and general clinic.

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Why Do We Need The Intrinsic Muscles of the Foot? [Guide 2019]

The Intrinsic Foot Muscles You may never have heard of the intrinsic muscles of the foot, but these little fellows are helping you to stay upright every time you stand, walk, or run. The extrinsic muscles on the other hand are much better known, they include the calf muscles (soleus and gastrocnemius) and Tibialis Anterior, …

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“My Grandmother had these big bumps on her feet and now I’m worried I’ll get them too!” If this commonly-used phrase applies to you, then it sounds like you’re worried about Bunions (or as Podiatrists like to call it – Hallux Abducto Valgus). To put it simply, Bunions are bony lumps that form at the …

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Achilles Tendinitis

Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis Achilles Tendinitis is characterised by inflammation and pain in the achilles tendon.  It is also referred to as Achilles Tendinopathy, which covers both inflammation, and overuse resulting in micro tears. Achilles Tendinitis is an overuse injury, and can have a sudden, or insidious onset.  In most cases, the tendon will be breaking down …

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A podiatrist is testing a patient's protective sensation with a monofilament

Diabetic Foot Complications and How You Can Prevent Them

The relationship between Diabetes and foot health Foot ulcers are the main concern with the diabetic foot. But these wounds do not come about from nothing. There are in fact multiple pathological processes occurring simultaneously. Most of them are caused by the high blood glucose levels that are associated with diabetes. Peripheral Neuropathy This can …

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Sever’s heel pain in children

Sever’s or calcaneal tractional apophysitis as it is correctly called is a very common condition particularly in young athletes. It can be a very painful and debilitating condition as it will regularly prevent children from participating in their favourite activities: whether that be football, netball, basketball, dancing, martial arts, or any other sports or physical …

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How to Prevent School Sporting Injuries

As each new school term approaches, excitement builds about the start of new sporting seasons. Sign on days for club sports usually coincide with late summer and late winter. AFL, football (soccer), dance, netball, hockey, rugby league, rugby union, basketball and several other sports give great opportunities for our children to grow stronger, more resilient, …

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A nasty ingrown toenail

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

When should you consider ingrown toenail surgery? You should consider ingrown toenail surgery if conservative management has not been effective. This will result in the toenail becoming ingrown and infected regularly despite appropriate cutting technique.  Long-lasting infections can lead to severe conditions including Osteomyelitis (bone infection). What is the procedure? The procedure we use at Dynamic …

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Kids Feet

Book Online Here Children’s feet are very different to adult’s feet.  At birth they start out as mainly a “cartilage map” of where the bones are going to grow as the child grows.  Cartilage is much softer than bone, meaning that the feet are much softer and malleable, changing as they come into contact with their environment. That is why it is important …

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Stress Fracture

What is a Stress Fracture? Stress fractures are very small cracks in bones.  They are quite common in feet and may be the result of an overuse injury to the bone or can happen to a weakened bone resulting from conditions such as osteoporosis. Metatarsal and navicular stress fracture are the most common types of foot stress fractures.  They occur …

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Osteoarthritis in the Lower Limb

Osteoarthritis (or arthritis) is a degenerative joint disease that is characterised by pain and stiffness in one or multiple joints in the body.  In the lower limb, it most commonly affects the hips, knees, and joint of the foot. Signs and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis The hallmark sign of osteoarthritis is degeneration of articular cartilage (the protective tissue …

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