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Let our experience and the latest technology get to the root of your foot and leg pain and get you back into activity again quickly.

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Join the thousands of feet that we have helped to become pain free!

At Dynamic Podiatry we not only have great experience, we also take the time to listen to you about your problem, PLUS we have the best diagnostic technology to get to the root of your foot pain.

Watch Podiatrist Matt Hayter bust some myths he’s heard about plantar fasciitis. Sorting out the fact from fiction.

Vast Experience in Foot Pain Treatment Plus the Best Technology Available Ensures You Get Great Results.

Forefoot Pain?
We'll find a solution

Forefoot pain can be crippling!

Neuromas, joint capsulitis, and inflamed bursas are some of the most common causes of forefoot pain.

We diagnose which type of forefoot pain you have, to get the right solution.

Sore Heels?
Be Pain Free!

Using our high tech diagnostic equipment and our experience, we’ll find the reason WHY you have heel pain, which helps us to find the right solution.

Correct solutions mean you get back to the things you love, pain free, much faster.

Shin Pain?
Run Pain Free Again

Shin pain can be like kryptonite to runners!

We use our expertise and equipment to discover the biomechanical causes of the shin pain, and address them to help you get back to running or walking pain free.

Want more?

Check out these videos from our Youtube channel

Our latest Diagnostic Tool

The Sensor Medica Treadmill is a state of the art piece of diagnostic treatment that incorporates a high speed camera with a pressure plate in the treadmill.

This allows us to measure angles of your feet and legs whilst also seeing exactly how much pressure is going through the feet at each stage of gait.

Basic Foot and Ankle Exercises

Good blood flow is essential to keep the tissues of the feet supple and strong.

Night cramps or aches and pains when walking can be caused by poor blood flow.

These simple exercises can improve blood flow, and many patients find great relief after doing these exercises for a few weeks.

Ingrown Toenails hurt!

In this video Matt shows how as podiatrists we have the best tools and skills to safely and painlessly remove ingrown toenails.

If you’re scared that it’s going to hurt a lot to get your ingrown toenail cut out, then give us a call and we will get you back on track with minimal or no pain.