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2 Bags of Hiker's Wool, a big and a small bag.

Hiker’s Wool

What is Hikers Wool? HikersWool is made from lambs’ fleece which is soft, lanolin rich and durable. It helps with prevention of blisters and irritation spots between toes and on the soles of your feet by preventing friction from occurring. The wonder of wool wicks away moisture and perspiration allowing your feet to breathe. It …

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How to Prevent School Sporting Injuries

As each new school term approaches, excitement builds about the start of new sporting seasons. Sign on days for club sports usually coincide with late summer and late winter. AFL, football (soccer), dance, netball, hockey, rugby league, rugby union, basketball and several other sports give great opportunities for our children to grow stronger, more resilient, …

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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

When should you consider ingrown toenail surgery? You should consider ingrown toenail surgery if conservative management has not been effective. This will result in the toenail becoming ingrown and infected regularly despite appropriate cutting technique.  Long-lasting infections can lead to severe conditions including Osteomyelitis (bone infection). What is the procedure? The procedure we use at Dynamic …

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Kids Feet

Book Online Here Children’s feet are very different to adult’s feet.  At birth they start out as mainly a “cartilage map” of where the bones are going to grow as the child grows.  Cartilage is much softer than bone, meaning that the feet are much softer and malleable, changing as they come into contact with their environment. That is why it is important …

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