A pair of feet wearing brightly covered socks standing intoed

Intoeing Gait – Not Pigeon Toed!

What is Intoeing? In-toeing or ?pigeon toes? is very common in young children and is when a person?s feet turn inward (instead of pointing straight ahead or outward). In-toeing may not cause any problems however, in severe cases in-toeing can cause clumsiness and falls where intervention should occur. What Causes Intoeing? There are three main …

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A person wearing a pair of boots in the snow

Looking After Your Feet in Winter!

Feet in the Cooler Weather Caring for your feet is very important, especially during the cooler months. The cooler weather can present multiple challenges in maintaining foot health, with the risk of numbness and decreased circulation dramatically increasing. Check Your Feet Daily It is important to check your feet daily looking for breaks in the …

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An elderly man and woman are walking through the country side holding hands

Preventing a Fall

Falls Can Change Your Life Forever Falls – The Facts ? A fall is defined as having an unexpected event in which the person comes to rest on the ground.? Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admission in people aged 65 years and older.? At least one third of community dwelling older adults …

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