Kid's Don't need to put up with Foot

When children complain of foot or leg pain, it usually means that something is going on.
Luckily it is nearly always minor and has a very simple solution.
At Dynamic Podiatry we help kids get past foot pain and back to their active happy lifestyle.

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For years we’ve been helping children with foot, ankle, heel, leg, knee and hip pain get back on the field, or just back to being themselves again.

Our experience in caring for little feet stands us apart. We know what causes children pain in the lower limb, and we know what works. Most children are out of pain within a couple of weeks.

Most problems with children’s foot, leg, heel and knee pain relate to alignment or activity. We like to see kids being as active as possible, so we always try to work on things we can adapt to help them to enjoy the activities they love.

Sometimes this can be a simple change to their footwear, adding in some targeted stretches or strengthening exercises, or putting something into their shoes that can change the way forces act on the feet and lower limbs.

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