Corn Removal

Many people develop corns on their feet and/or toes.

They can be extremely painful and usually occur in areas of high pressure or friction.

A lot of people don’t realise that podiatrists can remove corns without causing pain!

And they don’t bleed either – callous (in most cases) has no blood supply.

We have the right tools and the experience that comes from removing corns every day in our job.

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A picture of the bottom surface of a foot with some callous which has a label and a corn with a nucleus which is also labelled.

Why Do Corns happen

A pair of feet with severe arthritis

Corns are made of keratin and are the body’s natural protection against undue pressure in an area of the skin.

The problem begins when the reaction is too great and the levels of keratin build up so much that they form a nucleus which can actually feel like a small stone under your skin.

This can happen when your feet develop small deformities such as hammer toes, bunions, or a collapsed arch.

Most of us will then alter the way we walk slightly which can then affect other parts of the body like the hips or knees.

The worst cases are when people with peripheral neuropathy – which can be caused by poorly controlled diabetes, chemotherapy, alcoholism, malnutrition among other conditions – continue to apply the same amount of pressure to the corn because they cannot feel it.

This can cause ulceration which can lead to infectionwhich can be very dangerous.

Custom Orthotics

Often we can delay or eliminate the growth of corns and callous by more evenly spreading the load across the whole foot.

Custom foot orthotics have the advantage of being made from your unique feet so that they fit perfectly.

They help to absorb the shock as well as evening up the pressure across both feet.

To read more about custom foot orthotics click here.

A custom foot orthotic on a teal background
A woman walking on the high tech SMT treadmill for gait assessment

High Tech Tools

We use everything at our disposal to help get the right results for you, and this includes the best technology available.

As mentioned above we take images of your feet using a 3D laser scanner when making your orthotics.

Before that we’ll analyse your running and standing gait and possibly your balance using our Sensor Medica Treadmill.

This treadmill couples a 1.2mtr force-plate to measure the exact pressures occurring under your feet with a super high speed camera.

These tools allow us to slow your gait down to frame by frame so that we can see exactly what your feet and legs are doing at each stage of gait, as well as seeing which parts of the feet re going under the most stress.

This has helped us to diagnose patients quicker, working out the root cause of their problem, which we can then treat.

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