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Feedspot Names Dynamic Podiatry in Top 100 Podiatry Blogs Worldwide!

Humbled and Surprised

At Dynamic Podiatry we were very surprised and humbled when Feedspot, the world’s leading authority on blogging, made contact to let us know that we had been selected in their Top 100 Podiatry Blogs! 

You can check out our place in this esteemed list of podiatry blogs by clicking here: Feedspot Top 100 Podiatry Blogs.

As the proprietor of Dynamic Podiatry I would like to thank and commend the efforts of our podiatrists

Daniel Crockett


Daniel Crockett, for the past 18 months has been drawing on his career as an athlete and his love of sports to contribute many top quality information blog posts to help inform our community on all things podiatry.
Daniel has written on topics ranging from football boot buying tips to avoiding Achilles tendon injuries.

You can check out some of Daniel’s work by clicking on one of these links:

Injury Management

Tips for Buying Football Boots

Lateral Knee Pain

Prevention of Achilles Injuries

Laura Gill

Laura Gill, who we welcomed into the Dynamic Podiatry team in 2019  has used her vast experience in ballet to write a very informative blog post on helping young dancers prevent lower limb injuries which you can read by clicking Here.

Another recent work of Laura’s was regarding the recent Covid-19 crisis which forced many workers to stay at home. 

You can read her blog on At Home Workouts Here

Matt Hayter

Then there’s me. I don’t really want to talk about myself except to say that I really enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gathered over almost 20 years of involvement in Podiatry.

It’s the same reason that I’ve loved being a part of QUT staff for the past 17 years and hope to continue working with students to create great podiatry graduates.

Here are a few of my favourite blog posts:

When do Children Need to see a Podiatrist?

How can I fix my Heel Pain?

How are Custom Foot Orthotics Made?


Thank you so much to everybody who takes the time to read our podiatry blog posts.

We hope that we continue to provide high quality content that gives you value.

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