Shin Splints

Shin Splints officially know as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is a painful condition usually presenting in the front of your shin.

Pain is caused by swelling and inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and the tibia bone (shin) itself.

It is often related to an increase in activity and over-use.

Alignment in walking and running gait can contribute to the condition and make some people much more susceptible to suffering from it.

First treatment is to rest, apply ice, and gently stretch the muscles of the lower leg (calves).


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Listening To Your Unique Story

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How do we know which treatment plan will be right for you?

Because we take the time to listen.

We find out how your injury occurred, what exercise you’ve been doing, what kind of work or other activities you perform, how your overall health is, and very importantly what your goals and dreams are.

By doing this we can work out the cause of your injury and how we might best be able to treat those causes.

It is only by taking the time and care to gather this knowledge that we are able to design a plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.

Depending on the cause of your plantar fasciitis there are a number of treatment options that we can provide.

They can include:

  • Strengthening and stretching exercises,
  • Custom foot orthotics (insoles),
  • Heel raises (shoe inserts at the heel),
  • Footwear advice,
  • Dry needling 

We Tailor Our Treatment Plan for YOU

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Custom Orthotics

One of the most effective and fast treatments for plantar fasciitis is custom foot orthotics.

these are insoles made to the exact shape of your feet which go into your shoes and alter the forces going through certain tissues.

This can quickly relive pressure from the inflamed heels and reduce tension on the fascia itself.

Our custom orthotics are made from 3D laser scanning that we perform in the clinic with our 3D laser scanner, creating incredibly accurate results.

The better the alignment with your foot, the more effective orthotics are.

We are also able to use different densities of materials in the orthotics so that the heel bone itself sits in a very nice cushioning pad.

High Tech Tools

We use everything at our disposal to help get the right results for you, and this includes the best technology available.

As mentioned above we take images of your feet using a 3D laser scanner when making your orthotics.

Before that we’ll analyse your running and standing gait and possibly your balance using our Sensor Medica Treadmill.

This treadmill couples a 1.2mtr force-plate to measure the exact pressures occurring under your feet with a super high speed camera.

These tools allow us to slow your gait down to frame by frame so that we can see exactly what your feet and legs are doing at each stage of gait, as well as seeing which parts of the feet re going under the most stress.

This has helped us to diagnose patients quicker, working out the root cause of their problem, which we can then treat.

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