Football Boots – 10 Tips To Buying Correctly.

They Always Need New Footy Boots

We all go through it, we dust off last seasons footy boots, get the kids to try them on and find out there foot has grown astronomically and they need new boots. 

Football boots are often low profile (flat), lightweight and flexible which usually results in less cushioning and support in the boot. 

It is important to pick the right boots to prevent overload and growth related pains, such as heel and knee pain which can be very common in growing children.

Boots for Kids with a History of Lower Limb Injury

If you child has a history of lower limb injuries or pain we recommend:

  • Asics Lethal Ultimate
  • Asics Lethal Tigreor
  • Adidas Predator 19.3
  • Asics DS Light
The Adidas Predator boot can be a good choice

These boots offer an excellent combination of protection, flexibility, and support.

These models incorporates a 10 mm heel lift allowing the foot to propel forward easier, and more importantly, minimising risk of injury to growing feet and legs.

10 Key Tips for Buying Football Boots

  1. Length of the boot you want to allow a finger width between the end of the shoe and the longest toe (this is important to make sure you tap the heel back in the boot and test the length while weight-bearing)
  2. Width (is the heel slipping or forefoot sliding from side to side)
  3. Does it have arch support
  4. Does it have a firm heel counter
  5. Stud pattern suitability for varying playing surfaces
  6. Does it have a heel pitch
  7. Does it flex in the forefoot
  8. Take football socks when trying the shoe on in store.
  9. Choose the most comfortable boot.
  10. Remember if you already have orthotics, take them with you when trying new boots.
Football boot with all the correct features

Common misconceptions when purchasing boots:

An old hand me down pair of football boots
  • Picking boots based on brand and colour
  • Inappropriate sizing
  • Hand me downs are fine for everyone
  • Purchasing boots online without trying them on first
  • One size is the same across all boots
  • All boot models are perfect for all kids

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