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Empowering Your Children

No matter what the cause of your child’s heel pain, we’ll act swiftly to diagnose it, and work on getting them better quickly.

Our mission is to help your children to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

When appropriately treated, most children’s heel pain will resolve quickly and allow them to enjoy life again.

With 35 years of experience with children’s feet, you can trust your child with Dynamic Podiatry.

Children running happily without Severs heel pain
Two orthotics overlapping each other red and blue

Children's Orthotics

Orthotics are one of the most effective ways to help children out of foot and leg pain.

We don’t use orthotics alone, but part of a comprehensive treatment plan including stretching, strengthening and other treatment as appropriate.

Experience Plus Care

Because we take the time to listen to your child’s individual story, we get much better results.

Every child is different, they do things slightly differently, and they all have different goals and dreams.

That’s why we tailor every treatment plan to fit your child, the activities they enjoy, and the goals they want to achieve.

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