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We Fix Heel Pain and Help People to Get Active 

We help people like you to get rid of their heel pain using advanced diagnostic techniques and treatment methods developed through technology and experience.

What we do

We listen to your unique story to find your solution

We know that only by listening to you, can we really find out why you’ve got heel pain, and what is the best way to fix it. Every person does different things throughout their day, and has different goals as well.

We work with you to achieve your goals, using our experience and the latest technologies to ensure we get the best results.


For over 16 years we’ve been trusted by the local community to help them to walk without pain.


Over 16 years we’ve built a team of experienced clinicians who have seen and treated conditions similar to yours. Whilst also recognising that each person is unique.

Latest Technology

We know that technology can help improve results in health.

That’s why we use 3D laser scanners and a pressure plate treadmill to diagnose and treat your condition.

why we do it

We Value Health

We know how important your health is.

By working with people over the years who need to get active for their health, but who are having trouble getting active because of pain, we’ve seen what a change we can make in people’s lives.

There’s no greater reward in our profession than to get someone who was in pain, out of pain, and with a smile on their face.We’d love to do this for you also.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is characterised by the following:sharp pain in the bottom of the heel. Many people will rate it at 9 or 10/10 on the pain scale.

  • pain on getting out of bed or after a rest
  • Usually eases as you “warm up”
  • Can become chronic so that any weight-bearing activity causes severe pain.


For the past 16 plus years Matt has been building an experienced and trusted team of podiatrists and support staff.

Having the advantage of working at QUT for nearly 20 years as a podiatry clinical educator he has been able to hand pick the podiatrists that he knows are dedicated and have the skills to get the absolute best outcomes for you.

We’ve helped thousands of people over that time, and we’d love to help you to get more out of your life by being pain free.


We use technology when it can enhance both our diagnostic skills and our treatment protocols.

Some of the technology we use:

  • Sensor Medica diagnostic treadmill – not your ordinary tready, this one has a 1.2mtr force plate to measure pressures under foot whilst being synchronised with a high speed camera. This gives us incredibly useful data about your feet and the way you move,
  • 3D laser foot scanning – a lot more accurate than the old plaster methods we used to use. Scanning technology takes a 3D image of your feet to within 0.1mm 
  • CAD-CAM orthotics – our own orthotic lab at Acacia Ridge makes orthotics using computer aided design and manufacture, straight from the 3D scans of your feet and based on the script from your experienced clinicians.


What people say about us

Mrs Elise BH (Google review)

I have been seeing podiatrist for the last few years for some recurring corns. I saw Laura gill and few weeks ago and I have been pain free ever since. I don’t know what she did differently but I am so happy to be able to walk without pain thank you

Emily Lovett

Very happy with the service & professionalism at Dynamic Podiatry. My orthotics have made a huge difference to my posture. Highly recommended.

Contact Information

Find us here: 135 Ferny Way Ferny HillsQld4061Australia

Email:  info@dynamicpodiatry.com.au

Phone: (07) 3351 8878