Hiker’s Wool

What is Hikers Wool?

HikersWool is made from lambs’ fleece which is soft, lanolin rich and durable.

It helps with prevention of blisters and irritation spots between toes and on the soles of your feet by preventing friction from occurring.

The wonder of wool wicks away moisture and perspiration allowing your feet to breathe.

It provides relief from painful pressure points on your feet.

Who Should Use Hikers Wool?

Who should use it? 

Aynone that is experiencing pressure points which ranges from hikers, shoppers, walkers, runners, travellers, athletes, etc.

A man's feet are near the edge of a cliff with blisters on the back of the heels.

Using Hikers Wool

Using HikersWool is simple – follow these directions for the best results.

  • Stop immediately if you feel a hot spot and apply HikersWool as directed – don’t wait until the blister forms.
  • Simply tear off the required amount and wrap around toes or point of pressure/friction.
  • Apply a generous amount directly to the tender area then replace sock and footwear.
  • HikersWool will bind itself into the sock over the course of the day and remain in position, this is normal.
  • You can easily add more or replace if needed.
3 men walk into the bush with their hiking packs on their backs.

Hikers Wool has been a highly sought after product amongst the Hiking world.

Dynamic Podiatry is the only outlet in Queensland and we will happily post Hikers Wool to you if you can’t come in.

So prevent hot spots and blisters by coming into Dynamic Podiatry 4/135 Ferny Way, Ferny Hills Qld 4055 and getting your supply of Hikers Wool.

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