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We Fix Ingrown Toenails

Let us gently fix your ingrown toenail and let you 

get back to your normal, busy lifestyle.

Trusted for over 18 years

We listen, and we work with you to get the best results based on your goals.

We Treat The Cause of Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails and the pain that comes with them is caused by a sharp, jagged piece of nail breaking the skin and letting infection, swelling and pain to set in.

Treating them with antibiotics is a bit of a band-aid solution because it doesn’t do anything to treat the root cause. After a couple of weeks the toe will likely get reinfected and very sore again.

We gently and precisely remove the jagged piece of nail using our specialised tool which only podiatrists have. It allows us to cut out the jagged nail with minimal movement of the nail plate (it’s actually movement that causes most of the pain).

In less than the time it would take to give you a needle, we get that piece out of there. Then we flush the area out and dress it with an antiseptic dressing.

Warning – graphic image of an ingrown toenail below.

An ingrown toenail showing pus, infection, redness, and swelling

Gently, and with Great Care

  • We know that people with ingrown toenails live with pain every day,
  • We also know that there can be a lot of fear around getting your ingrown nail touched due to the amount of pain that you get from just bumping them,
  • So with the right tools, and our experience, we are able to remove the source of the pain (jagged nail) with the absolute minimum of pain and quite quickly.
  • We can administer a local anaesthetic if it is impossible to work on the toe without a lot of pain,

Here's What We Do To Help

The Dynamic Podiatry Team. 3 ladies and 2 men.
  • We’re here to listen – this may seem small, but it makes a huge difference in outcomes. 
  • We use the best tools and have vast experience in treating ingrown toenails.
  • We work with you to get the right plan to get you pain free again.

How We Listen to You

Often when practitioners get busy during their working day, there can be a tendency to try to get through things quickly.

That’s not how we work at Dynamic Podiatry. 

We make sure that we don’t over-book our podiatrists, we always keep 1/2 hour appointments, and we give them extra sessions to catch up with any paperwork.

For you, the patient, this means that they have the time to listen to you, to find out about your unique situation.

Every patient does different things during their normal work or study days, and when the go home and during the weekends, this has an impact on the best way to treat your injuries. 

Their is no simple one fits all formula, but rather a treatment framework that can be adjusted for your specific needs, to suit your physical activities and you goals, hopes and dreams.

Our Experience

Each of our three podiatrists have many years of experience and have worked with thousands of toenails.

They have learned the very best way to remove jagged nail from the toe sulcus with an absolute minimum of pain.

We constantly keep up with the latest research so that we can continue to grow and learn.

In the photo to the right you can see one of our experienced podiatrists, Laura, very gently treating an ingrown toenail to provide relief and to settle any infection.

A podiatrist works on an ingrown toenal.

It's What You Do With It That Counts

The team at Dynamic Podiatry L-R Sarah, Matt, and Michaela

It’s okay to have a lot of experience and the right tools, but it’s what you decide to do with that, that counts.

Our podiatrists are absolutely dedicated to getting the right outcome for you. 

And it shows in the results, we get so many people who are truly surprised by how much we have been able to help them with minimal pain.

Setting Goals With You

When we work out the best treatment plan, it is with your goals in mind.

There is not much point designing a treatment plan based on someone else’s goals!

So we take a look at what you were doing before the injury, what activities you tend to enjoy, and what you would do if we could suddenly get rid of all your pain.

This helps us to focus on what matters most, getting you enjoying life on your own terms.

How We Know What To Do

A man is studying with a book open and a yellow coffee mug in front of him

All of our podiatrists have completed a four year Bachelors degree in Podiatry from QUT, the largest podiatry university in the state.

They continue to educate themselves in the latest diagnostic and treatment methods developed by peer reviewed research in the field.

Learning never stops when you’re a Dynamic Podiatrist, we’re always trying to find better ways to help our patients become pain free quicker, and to help them to get back doing the activities they love.