How Can I Fix My Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown Toenails are a Real Pain!

Here at Dynamic Podiatry we see hundreds of ingrown toenails each year.

Many people are scared to get them seen to because they are worried about the pain.

But I’m going to show you how we have the special tools and the experience to relieve your ingrown toenail quickly and almost pain free.

Be sure to watch the video below to see me remove a real ingrown toenail without any pain and very quickly. 

A Very Common Problem

Ingrown toenails are a very common and painful problem which can occur at any age. 

Often the cause will be a stubbed toe which breaks the nail, or it can occur in people with very involuted (curved) nails.

Or it can just be from playing sport like football or netball which push the foot to the front of the shoe putting pressure on the toenail.

An ingrown toenail which is red and swollen

Ingrown Toenails are Hard to Treat at Home.

Often when you try to treat your toenails at home and they are a bit unturned, you can miss the part underneath the skin.

This piece then becomes a nail spicule (sharp spike of nail) which will penetrate the skin allowing bacteria to grow and multiply in the area.

This in turn will cause swelling and pain and sometimes some hyper granulation tissue (often called “proud flesh”).

A runner holds their toe on the side of the road because it is sore

Seek Help Quickly

It is imperative that the infection is resolved before it develops further into cellulitis or even worse osteomyelitis (bone infection). 

If you see the top of your foot getting red and swollen or even worse a red stripe going up the foot or leg – SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.

Antibiotics will often be prescribed for ingrown toenails, but they do not treat the cause of the problem, which is the jagged piece of nail causing a break in the skin. 

We often hear of patients who have undergone 3 or more courses of antibiotics, but the problem does not resolve, because the mechanical cause (jagged nail) has not been removed.

We're Here For You!

A pair of children's feet painted smiley faces on

Podiatrists are the best equipped health professionals to treat the root cause of ingrown toenails. 

If necessary we can administer a local anaesthetic which will numb the whole toe, allowing for the jagged portion of nail to be removed painlessly.

Correct Tools and Great Experience

We also have the correct tools, typical a tiny chisel like blade to remove the portion of nail with minimal irritation to the surrounding skin. 

Often the piece of nail can be removed with minimal pain (even without anaesthetic!) giving immediate relief.

Watch the video below to see how I removed a real ingrown toenail (not infected) from a patient without pain or bleeding.

If you or someone in your family has been suffering with ingrown toenails, don’t put up with it any longer. Call 3351 8878 or book online here.

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