Injinji Socks – You’re Going To Love Them!

Injinji Toe Socks

Injinji toe socks are rooted in the idea of lightweight socks that allow your toes to ‘Splay naturally and align properly, enabling greater stability and more comfort’ for athletic and daily use.

Prevent Blisters

Injinji toes socks helps tackle issues that runners face and deal with them at the root.

Separating the toes serves well to prevent blisters and painful skin chafing between the toes.

By having no skin on skin contact between your toes, you eliminate that point of friction which can cause blistering.



A man and woman running in a park

To read about how Hiker’s Wool can also prevent blisters click here.

Wick Away Sweat

When moisture builds up between the toes it can cause serious issues with hotspots, areas for bacteria and odours.

Injinji socks allow ventilation which lets moisture drain but at the same time offering breathability that keeps the foot dry.

Each sock is made of moisture wicking material and has seamless toes.

They have a mesh top for more breathability, an arch support band, and an enhanced cuff so your socks don’t slip down.

An array of Injinji toe socks includingthe new yoga toeless socks

Injinji socks offer a wide range of comfort and fitting socks.

The have socks available with extra padding for comfort, ultra-thin for a barefoot feel, different lengths of no show socks and crew length going up past the ankle.

Different Colours and Thicknesses

Men going hiking

The craze of wearing colourful socks is very trendy at the moment, so if your experiencing problems of issues between the toes then Injinji toes socks can meet both of your needs with a vast selection of colours available.

These socks are funny looking and the first time you use them, they feel a little weird.

With that being said, the weird feeling went away after about 5 minutes and they are some of the most comfortable socks that I own. 

Interested in toe socks? Visit us at Dynamic podiatry to get yourself a pair.

1/135 Ferny Way, Ferny Hills Qld 4055. We are happy to post socks if required.

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