Mortons Neuroma – Pain in the forefoot

Mortons Neuroma – Pain in the forefoot

Forefoot pain is another regular complaint seen at Dynamic Podiatry.

Pain in the forefoot area can indicate a number of conditions including bursitis, a metatarsal head fracture, a plantar plate tear, and more commonly, a Morton’s Neuroma.

A Morton’s Neuroma is the name given to a plantar (bottom of foot) inter-metatarsal (between long bones in foot) nerve that has become inflamed.

The likely cause of the inflammation is either from compression or plantar pressure. Tight-fitting footwear leads to compression, and a high-arch foot type, and wearing high-heeled shoes leads to increased plantar pressure.

We may refer you for an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis, however it can often be diagnosed clinically based on signs and symptoms including pain when walking or when applying pressure to the area. As mentioned above, certain foot types can also indicate what structures will be under stress.

Simple lifestyle and footwear changes tend to make a big difference with this condition. For example reducing the amount of time walking barefoot on hard surfaces, and increasing the amount of time in supportive well-fitted footwear.

A pair of stylish black shoes on a lady

While on the topic of footwear… ‘Podiatrist recommended footwear’ does not necessarily mean old fashioned and ugly!

We advise footwear specific to your foot type that you and your feet can love. There are heaps of brands that sell shoes like this, just ask us!

If the pain continues despite footwear and lifestyle changes, we move on to more specific treatment options. This includes taking pressure off the nerve to allow it to settle down. The most effective way to do this is with custom foot orthotics. This allows us to control the movement of force through the foot and offload the inflamed nerve.

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