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A pair of feet in the water

Why Do We Need The Intrinsic Muscles of the Foot? [Guide 2019]

The Intrinsic Foot Muscles You may never have heard of the intrinsic muscles of the foot, but these little fellows are helping you to stay upright every time you stand, walk, or run. The extrinsic muscles on the other hand are much better known, they include the calf muscles (soleus and gastrocnemius) and Tibialis Anterior, …

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A pair of Asics Running Shoes

Running Shoes – How Often Should You Replace Them ?

Running Shoes Need Regular Replacing Most people wait far too long before replacing their running shoes and risk overuse injuries as a result. Generally running shoes should last between 600 and 1000 kilometres, although this depends on your body weight, how often and far you run, the terrain you run on and your running style. …

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A pair of feet wearing brightly covered socks standing intoed

Intoeing Gait – Not Pigeon Toed!

What is Intoeing? In-toeing or ?pigeon toes? is very common in young children and is when a person?s feet turn inward (instead of pointing straight ahead or outward). In-toeing may not cause any problems however, in severe cases in-toeing can cause clumsiness and falls where intervention should occur. What Causes Intoeing? There are three main …

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A person wearing a pair of boots in the snow

Looking After Your Feet in Winter!

Feet in the Cooler Weather Caring for your feet is very important, especially during the cooler months. The cooler weather can present multiple challenges in maintaining foot health, with the risk of numbness and decreased circulation dramatically increasing. Check Your Feet Daily It is important to check your feet daily looking for breaks in the …

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A man clutches his right thigh on the beach

Injury Management

Managing Injuries in the Lower Limb Injuries to the lower limb are very common so it is important to recognise and seek early management of an injury to reduce the recovery time. After early detection of an injury, an appointment with a podiatrist will involve diagnosing the injured structures and determining the cause of injury …

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A woman is crouched down and clutching her knee with a look of pain on her face.

Lateral Knee Pain

Later Knee Pain ITB Friction Syndrom, Biceps Femoris Tendinopathy, Joint Pain. Lateral knee pain (pain on the outside border of the knee) is most commonly the condition Illiotibial band (ITB) friction syndrome (ITBFS). The suggested cause is an increase in compression in the layer of fat and connective tissue that separate ITB from the lateral …

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What are Orthotics?

We’re often asked by people, “What are orthotics?” In general terms, orthotics are anything that is placed into your shoes to change the forces acting on your feet. This can more evenly spread the body weight or take stress from a structure (like the plantar fascia) that is injured. Not all orthotics are created equal …

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