Tinea Pedis – Athlete’s Foot

Tinea of the foot (or Athlete’s Foot) is a fungal infection caused by dermatophytes that can occur on different parts of the foot. It typically manifests as moist, itchy, peeling skin in between the toes.

Tinea is most common among young adults and those who regularly visit communal facilities such as swimming pools and change rooms. Being immuno-compromised, having sweaty feet (hyperhydrosis), wearing occlusive and synthetic footwear, and wearing unwashed socks will also increase your chances of getting Tine Pedis.

Avoid spreading the infection by:

  • Avoid touching the infected area
  • Avoid walking barefoot in communal spaces
  • Change socks and shoes regularly
  • Remove inner-soles and place them with the shoes in direct sunlight
  • Regularly clean bathroom floors and shower floors
  • Use Canestan Laundry Rinse when washing socks
A lady reaches out for her feet with a desperate look on her face because they are itchy from Tinea Pedis
A podiatrist treats the feet of a patient


To treat this annoying condition, use an over-the-counter broad-spectrum topical anti-fungal cream. Some of these creams also contain a low-potency topical corticosteroid, which is effective if the area is inflamed and irritating.

However, it is important to consult a Podiatrist to confirm the diagnosis before using such treatments. Oral anti-fungal medications are available for wide-spread/severe Tinea Pedis, and must be discussed with your General Practitioner.

Get help early

If left untreated, Tinea pedis can spread to the nails causing them to become thick and brittle. This condition is called Onychomycosis, and requires longer treatment.

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