Looking After Your Feet in Winter!

Feet in the Cooler Weather

Caring for your feet is very important, especially during the cooler months.

The cooler weather can present multiple challenges in maintaining foot health, with the risk of numbness and decreased circulation dramatically increasing.

Check Your Feet Daily

It is important to check your feet daily looking for breaks in the skin, discharge, changes in colour and any painful corns or callus.

If you struggle to reach your feet, use a mirror to check your soles or if someone you live with can look at them daily.

A podiatrist checking out a foot

Check Your Footwear

Wearing footwear that allows the toes to wiggle comfortably is ideal.

Closed in shoes will provide warmth and protection as diabetes can affect your sensation in the feet.

Getting into a habit of wearing shoes around the house help protect your feet.

Wear Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks have extra padding at the sole and non-elastic ankle, preventing the socks from digging in when your feet and ankle swell.

Avoid Artificial Heat Sources

If you have Diabetes, it can affect your sensation in the feet called ‘peripheral neuropathy’ which decreases your ability to feel hot temperatures on your feet.

It’s important to avoid things such as hot water bottles, heat packs and electric blankets because you run the risk of burning your feet due to loss if sensation.

As mentioned above, using diabetes socks will help to keep your feet warm in winter.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Avoid walking through puddles as this can lead to dangerously damp feet. If your feet get wet make an effort to gently dry them as soon as possible.

Moisturise Daily

Diabetes neuropathy and poor circulation can make the dryness of the skin worse and can lead to the skin breaking down.

Moisturising after the shower is the best time to do so each day.

Using these tips in your daily routine can result in healthier and proactive care for your feet.

If you notice any problems, changes, or pain make an appointment to see one of our Podiatrists at Dynamic Podiatry.

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