What are Custom Made Orthotic Insoles?

Not All Orthotics are The Same

We’re often asked, “Are all orthotics the same?”

The answer is a resounding no!

There are many types of different generic orthotics. 

These are orthotics that are meant to be made for the “average foot,” that mythical beast. They can often be found in pharmacies or shoe stores.

The problem is, we know that there is no average foot. Every person has feet that have a structure totally unique to them. Not only that, but they also have a lifestyle and activity load which is unique to them.

When we make custom foot orthotics, all of these factors are taken into account.

What are Custom Made Orthotic Insoles?

Custom made orthotic insoles are orthotics made by a podiatrist using an exact replica of a person’s feet. This replica can be taken by plaster cast, laser/photo scan, or foam impression boxes.

To prescribe the orthotics we also must take into account how your feet behave during gait, what injuries or areas of high stress you may have, and what activities you enjoy in work and pleasure.


Three podiatrists analysing some information on a screen

Podiatrists have prescribing rights for custom foot orthotics meaning that if you have podiatry in your private health plan, then you may be able to obtain a rebate on the spot, through HICAPs.

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Dynamic Podiatry uses the Latest and Best Technology to make your Custom Orthotic Insoles

3D Laser Foot scanning at Dynamic Podiatry

At Dynamic Podiatry we pride ourselves on using the latest and best diagnostic equipment available to make sure we get a great result with your custom orthotic insoles.

A laser and light scanner is used to capture the most accurate representation of your feet and ankles.


We also use a special treadmill that contains a pressure plate inside which records the pressures going through each part of your feet as you walk, combined with a high speed camera to break down what’s happening when you walk.

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